Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Overzealous Flower Garden

Whoops, there it went.

Today I found myself at Lowe's getting flowers and garden stuff. Did I tell HOH? No. Do I love to garden? Yes. A little too much.

I am one of these girls who gets super excited and idealistic, partner that with my sentiment for yesterday and it can be huge.

I remember gardening with my Mom, one of the rare good feelings of childhood. She would be peaceful. I would feel the cool earth between my bare feet, the cold water of the hose. She always had a knack to pick out beautiful flowers beyond my gifts.

This is the first spring she has passed on. The flowers called to me, edging me to take on my role and where Mom's had been. I had to get the annuals, the tomatoes, the herbs, the snap dragons....

So many things in my life died last year. With the grief of her, I think most of my old garden went with it. Now is a new, promising time. A testimony of how God has worked during the darkest times for new life and prosperity. See what I mean about me being all Hallmark like?

I should have gotten less. Now, I feel selfish. I reasoned I would invite more folks over to enjoy the garden, now I feel like I should give a few pieces to my neighbors. Seriously. There is a fella in Brazil trying to build one room shacks for the kids there, and here I am, Miss Flowers everywhere.

So, I don't want my over enthusiasm to sour the garden, but I know my HOH will hold me to the "no surprise shopping sprees" rule. I need him to.He already got very firm and HOH like on the text" I want you to have nice things, but we talked about these surprises."

Plus, I am behind on the business I needed to do today, and just gave myself a lot more to care for. Hope I like gardening this much, HOH will have my bum if the plants get neglected!

I have uploaded a photo of the red ones, as I have a feeling something on me will match it soon.

At least my cat is royally enjoying the catnip.:)


  1. Well it seems that this year is a special year, and if this helps you heal, deal, and move on, then I say don't feel guilty, and enjoy.

  2. Very pretty, I love flowers, but I suck at gardening.


  3. It will be a beautiful garden and my gut tells me that while he will stick to his no financial surprises rule, he will understand your need to have a pretty garden this year. I love them too but they sure are a lot of work. I'm jealous that you can buy flowers's snowing here!

    I hope your talk with him went well!

  4. Sorry I'm so late to read this. I hope that your butt did not end up too sore after this. Sometimes it's hard, when it means reliving memories of a loved one, to not go overboard. We want that comforting feeling, and in the moment, we crave that closeness like nothing else. {{{HUGS}}} I think if you end up with too many flowers that your neighbours will like the gift. :)