Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pope and HOH taxes

Monday-Pope announces he is leaving. Could this be a publicity stunt, like everytime Cher has retired?

Seriously, kidding. Any Catholics out there, please don't kick me. You are not supposed to anyway.:)

While in the book store yesterday, I actually picked up a HUGE book that was about the Catholic Church. An author saying that this next Pope will be the final pope, a dark Pope. However, I did not read that, because frankly I thought it could wait a few days. I guess not.

A little Catholic Pope Humor. Caution, some language!

Anyway, as you can tell this is a light blog post today.:)

I was driving to church with the Hubby when I made a comment about the exclusive playground in the well groomed neighborhood.

Me:"So you suppose their HOH taxes paid for that?"

Hubs:"Uh, I think you mean HOA taxes. You  pay plenty of HOH taxes to me." :)

A little Head of Household humor. I also realize HOA requires dues, not taxes.

 So I am trying to be a good productive Mixie this week, try to do it without feeling like I need a spanking first. I think I'm addicted to spankings, rather odd. Yet I am building a tough butt and they are not as effective! :/

Hubby did take my phone away for awhile yesterday so I could get some things done without being tempted to google something, text someone, or other silliness. I do enjoy listening to 24/7 Comedy on I Heart Radio (which I play on my cell phone.) I was shocked and pleased that he took it away. When he does things like that, I get happy that he is stepping up, and still shocked!:)

 I looked at where this blog is being viewed and surprised to see it has been read in 12 different countries. Wowzers. I wonder if the people coming are interested in real domestic discipline relationships, or my "cheeky" blogname suggests there is something really good one here.

Oh, and I did show Hubs the blog. He now knows where to find it and read away. Of course I blushed.


  1. It makes you feel so good when they step up :) glad things are working for you, even if it does mean you get your phone taken away.