Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Bluffin'

I have tried to see today as a sacred day, changing the usual Monday stereotypes of what a Monday should be. I made it my mission today to not complain about anything. My focus lately has been on being thankful.

It's been pretty nice.

Listened to the first half of Clint and Chelsea's new podcast from Can I just say how excited I am that they are podcasting? Seriously. What a treat!

I will leave you with some Monday Funnies.

My apologies for being out of the loop in bloggy land. Will be reading and commenting!

Much Appreciation!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Grounding Myself.

Wow, what a time to live in, right? It's so exciting, so terrifying, so...busy with an abundance of life. I have found how necessary and essential it is for me to "ground myself". Of the various things I do to quiet my mind and soul, one surprising one is getting a paddling. Sometimes when I feel overly emotional, I find getting a spanking helps me clear my mind and sleep fantastic. Sometimes I do feel a little more tired the morning after.

Other things I do for grounding myself:
-deep cleaning and clutter release
-tackling one small project
-a nice bath(I love sea salt)
-leaning on a tree, hanging out in nature,
-writing my thoughts in a private journal
-doing something to LAUGH
-paying attention to nature cues
-lighting a candle/prayer
-wearing a color that feels cozy to me, or my favorite jacket.
-connecting with my husband, or calling a good friend/family member to joke around with
-passion is good
-food is good. Something healthy and wholesome will really help.
-helping someone out, reaching out to others.
-time with pets

Things that get me off balance
-spending time worrying or embracing fears (major duh)
-letting my mind become too cluttered
-letting my space become too cluttered
-too much caffeine
-putting myself on the "back burner" habitually
-first world problem: too much time devoted to news or social media.
-now getting quiet time
-taking on too many tasks.
-being in people pleasing mode

I am SURE we all can identify to much on this list. What do you do to get back to peaceful mode? I generally TRY to be in a content mood before making any big choices. I think we must work on keeping balanced especially in stressful times.:)

I forgot the most important one that helps everyday: being thankful.