Friday, February 22, 2013

PMS Spanking?

Holy cow, let me tell a bit of truth. When I go into the week before I PMS, it feels awful. I get feelings of stress, worry, angst. It basically takes my inner turmoil and makes it the focus for me. I find myself living in the past, not the present. Dreaming or thinking about family hurt and pain, wanting it to be resolved. Yet I know now is not a good time to try to fix things (don't make big moves when you don't feel at peace.) I also know that the generations of hurt and pain in my family is not all my fault, but it feels like I try to take it on my shoulders.

I remind myself of the classic child whose parents are getting divorced, the child blaming himself. I take this on with the whole family tree. It's not true, so why I do I feel the need to take on that postion?

Really looking forward to my PMS calming down and my mind getting back to the present. Believe me, I am trying. Guess I should really try, as in, not think about it and do something fun. Get out of the house and connect with others.

My HOH has a date for us tomorrow night. Thankfully! He could have spanked me last night, but chose not to. Of course, this morning I think he saw he should have.:) Someone hit the release valve on me!

Anyone else have challenging PMS symptoms? Do you cry or get irritable?

It's not an excuse to act poorly, but I feel it's also hard to feel good or normal during this time.

-Pretty Much Stressed (over what?!) Mixie

I will focus on being thankful the rest of today!:)

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