Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Encourage HOH:)

My HOH only recently began this journey with me, in November. I have done the bulk of the research, etc. To have a wife who is suddenly wanting to submit to you and encouraging you to lead must be a pretty big change. It wasn't like I was a huge diva before this, but I did put other people before our marriage.

Since we began DD in Nov:
I am keeping the budget!
Get his consent before making major purchases, time commitments, etc.
Told several opportunities and folks "No" per my HOH's wishes
Told 3 MLM offers No:)
Keeping the home more organized
My attitude has been better(I think)
Our love life is pretty frequent and I am showing interest:)
I don't keep things so bottled up
Not spending lots of time taking calls when HOH is home
My interest in spending time with him is much improved. I greet him at the door when he comes home, truly excited.

Oh, and I very seldom wear those massive t shirts my Dad sent me to bed.:)

I sent HOH a couple links to encourage his HOH side of things since he hasn't read much on DD, etc. I found a couple pieces I liked on I know being an HOH is his journey, I just want to keep encouraging him on the fantastic job he is doing. I think most DD couples have these learning curves. I really appreciate when he holds me accountable.

I hope he is just as happy as I am with our night and day change.:)


  1. This post is lovely Mixie. I'm so very happy for you that you have been able to achieve so much in such a short space of time.


  2. I bet he is! Does he read you blog?

    I think it is great to write down what has changed. I wish I had done that in the first six months b/c it will be so much fun to look back on in a few years.

  3. That is so awesome the ways that DD is really helping you. That is a lot of changes in such a short time, good for you! :)