Saturday, February 16, 2013

Look at the Paddle I'm Getting!

Okay, seriously I should not be excited about this. I got a spanking today to warn me not to smoke and it stung like heck. Holy cow. Well, there was no warm up!

HOH is not interested in anything to scary, like the cane. I had some spending money and finally bought the paddle. I spent much time deciding what to get, but finally caved to peer influence. It looks very much like's paddle and I know it's Clint and Chelsea's paddle from fame. Okay, I'm not being creepy, I just went with what other folks were using LOL. My indecision about buying a new implement was taking too much time.

Both T and Chelsea have said they dislike it, so I will most likely be eating my enthusiasm very soon. However, I think my rear has "graduated" from our wooden turner "paddle" made of Bamboo. There is no "oh gosh" factor. Course, HOH thinks I am very silly. I also know he has probably been prudent with this arm force.

So here it is, the paddle you have all seen before...but now I will be getting one too!
It looks official. It looks classy. Looks like a gentle husband's trusted paddle. Course, it also looks like I will be curbing my enthusiasm very shortly.

Mixie" Hey, this looks like it would hurt. I'm gonna get it!"

Maybe I am not the brightest. Maybe we will call him "Mr. Motivation Coach."

This item can be found at  and the photo is from their site.

Chelsea's post on the implements can be found here

Another thing we need to hide when guests come around. This would be very hard to explain away!


  1. Hi Mixie,

    Yep, that solid oak paddle will motivate all right. I have no doubt you will both be very satisfied with its motivational capabilities.

    Let's just hope it doesn't become his favorite!


    1. Lol, Bonnie, point taken. I have always been guilty of being ambitious in my shopping.

  2. I totally agree with Bonnie. It is a definite motivator. Good luck ;)

    1. Wow, I have handled the small little bamboo turner so well lately this will be a wake up call. I'm 27 hours smoke free and I gave my only lighter to my neighbor! She called and asked me if I had any(she rarely smokes.) I took that opportunity to give it all away, lest it drive me nuts.:)

    2. YAYAYAYAYAY!! GREAT job Mixie!! You can do it ;)

  3. Good luck with that Paddle Mixie. OUCH! I can only hope he never gets up the courage to buy one.


  4. LOL It would be VERY hard to explain away. :) Just found your blog, can't wait to look around. :) Welcome to Blogland! :)

  5. Hi Mixie!

    First, welcome to blogland! :) Secondly, yes, I stand by what I said in my post- that paddle really, really hurts lol.

    Looking forward to getting to know you, and welcome!


  6. Hi Mixie ... Catching up on your blog. Love it! That paddle is a definite motivator! You will have to let us know your thoughts after the 1st use. We have the maple version of that one and let me tell you that thing unleashes and indescribable burn on my bottom that would make me confess to the assignation of Lincoln after about 3 swats. Good luck you will need it.