Friday, February 15, 2013

The Rain Came Down*and Happy News*

Last night was wonderful with my Hubby. We celebrated how much progress we have made in a few short months. Wow, like night and day. Total surrender to him, total love for him.

*I will spare you the details*

I did get my cry on, but it was happy, astonished tears. Just pure love and unity.

So *yay* I got to cry!!! *No spankings were involved. I just was able to let it out, and it was wonderful to cry. It was also raining outside, and we had needed rain. The heavens opened up!

I was greatly encouraged to hear that HOH is closer to considering Baby 2! Needless to say, the progress we have made together is why he is seeing it more of a possibility.

My other neighbor ladies have spouses who want to get them pregnant now, but in our home,it's the opposite. I am being patient (as I can be) because HOH is right. I have always been eager to not time pass us by. HOH understands the logistics and is more cautious. Both are good views to have.

I will be patient and wait. *I have just reminded him in the past not to forget, because it is very important to me.*

To hear that he is coming closer, that we are getting closer to that point...that is amazing news.

-An only child who wants a bigger family :)


  1. That's great Mixie. It's difficult when one person wants a child and the other doesn't or you both want and it isn't happening. It's the monthly disappointment that really hurts.


  2. I know that. He wants another baby, but of course I'm always a tad ahead of the game. My child is already 4, so I feel that push inside me.(No pun intended!)

    I would be happy to adopt, but our finances don't look to blessed for that venture. I know some wonderful families who adopted. So joyous.

    Just to hear Hubby was closer was so wonderful. It made my night, I cried.

    My first pregnancy I was throwing up for 5 months. Plus pre-eclampsia. (Spell?) Plus a c-section. Yet, it was worth it. Maybe baby 2 will be kinder on my tummy!:)