Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent. I'm giving up...

So HOH *head of household* informed me that he is giving up something for Lent. He is born Catholic and we currently go to a non-denomination Christian Church.

Should I give up something to?

He is giving up BEEF. I didn't let is slip that I almost made him steak this week. Hmm.

So what can I realistically quit?

HOH challenged me to give up bring my cell phone on the porch. Yes, I still have that nasty little smoke habit. A couple puffs every few hours. Course, the cell phone makes this situation much easier. If I gave up taking my cell phone out, I would be bored out there, even though I am usually bored on my cell phone out there.

HOH: "You could actually work on your writing, or something."

Hmm, point taken. I could read the Bible, another book, or write...or just think.

The other thing I was thinking was de-activating my facebook for 40 days. Of course, I kinda want to delete the distraction, but since I have had it since 2007 it feels like a loss to just delete the thing. We all know how many folks we know who would probably never attempt to communicate with us, if not for the ease of facebook.

When I quit twitter last month, folks were actually worried about me! I had about 1000 plus "followers" hahaha, but in reality, twitter is so busy, only about 5 ppl actually communicated with me on a normal basis. I don't miss it.

Course I should ban smoking for lent, but I think I need to be prepared with a plan to fully quit. A little willpower.

So, I am thinking....stop taking the cell phone on the porch.

You realize none of these tech addiction "problems"  existed 20 years ago?

I'd really like to give up taking stuff from certain folks*not talking about HOH* but that is my own little #firstworldproblem



  1. Good choice. That way you will be bored and smoke less ;) You can quit. Especially with your husband's help!!

  2. LOL, electronics are the worst invention ever if you get addicted easily. I am glad to say I am not addicted to my phone :D...... my iPad is a completely different matter :P