Saturday, February 9, 2013

The "No Mary Kay" Rule

2 rules are very important in my marriage, (aside from the given No Lying, Cheating, etc)

The "No Mary Kay Rule"

The Do Not Commit Serious Time/Money/Energy without Spouse Consent.

These 2 rules came from my past mistakes. Before DD, I was very prone to doing something behind my HOH's back and begging forgiveness. It included 2 stints in a MLM (multi level marketing) companies. Now, I am not putting down anyone who is successful with MLM but I am clearly not called to do it. I don't like selling, I have a hard time selling to anyone, and I couldn't recruit if I was a Jehovah Witness. Okay, maybe being a tad hard on myself, but not designed for MLM.

Anyway, a business associate of mine recently got into a network marketing company he is stoked about. STOKED. Yesterday on the phone, his girl and him came with classic examples of how easy it was to join, how little risk it is, and how I owed it to my family. I said I had to talk to HOH.

Well, when I came in off the porch from my call, HOH was waiting. "Honey, I heard you talk for the last half hour about this great business opportunity, and if you were to sign up behind my back in any capacity, you would get the discipline of a lifetime." Enter lecture of how this can not be done in any capacity, and my nervous giggles. By my giggles, we both could tell I wasn't taking this seriously. He decided to give me a warning spanking that was pretty intense. It was all over but I told him I still wasn't taking this seriously( just being honest) so he did a more intense round on me. We had talked about this opportunity in the past, so this was not the first occasion.

Yes, I deserved it. This is our most serious NO-NO for a reason, because I can be impulsive and sweet talked easier than him. Plus, I don't really want to get involved, but my people pleasing has always made me more of a yes person.

Now I am going to need to exercise my self control, and remember to honor my HOH. He has NO ISSUES with giving me that reminder last night. For a fella that had to be talked into DD, that was big. "You will wish you never told me about DD
 if you end up signing up behind my back. I'm not even kidding." :o

I agree with my HOH. I think I'm being silly entertaining the idea. I just hope we have come far enough for me to exercise self control, and honor him.(Reminder to self: I don't want to do this!


  1. Yes Mixie. Please exercise your self control. You have given over control so try to respect his decisions. Sorry you got spanked but maybe it will help you follow his instruction ;)

  2. I really needed the warning. I was feeling giddy and needed to take it more seriously.