Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Little Domestic Discipline Adventures Blog

Hello, world! So, here is my little domestic discipline blog. If you don't know what Domestic Discipline is, you can go to which will explain if far better than me. Basically, I asked my husband to hold me accountable for my decisions and to live a more peaceful life. Yes, I ask my husband to spank me. You would never guess if you saw us, or him. :) I'd also like to say that this blog is more for like minded folks in this area, or at least the polite but curious. Two consenting adults in this agreement, and it was my idea. And, I am happier than before we began DD. So that is my little disclaimer for those who read this blog.

We have been practicing DD since November of last year, and the results have been fantastic. Before this, I had a hard time hearing his wishes over the distractions over this world. It's not like I was trying to be a "bad" spouse, but our communication was very limited. No out right fighting, but more so silent issues building up.

My hubby is a very nice guy, period. That's why I love him. I have never met someone so loyal, nice, or level headed....and that is why I was attracted to him. However, I like when he asserts his husband role over me, stopping me from my constant battles with distractions and people pleasing. I am the type to worry too much about outside folks, and pleasing everyone. For the sake of our marriage, I really needed to be delivered from that.

Myself? Most would say I am a sweetie, try to be friendly with everyone, try to do my best to do right day to day. For those who really know me, I have a sassy sense of humor, a smartass. I also am deeply interested in freedom of the people, not a fan of red tape.

This morning I needed a spanking and got one. I woke up worried as heck about things I can't do anything about today. My mind sometimes start worrying before I get out of bed. Chicken Little syndrome. When I get stressed out my jaw tightens. Guess you could say I am wired to get stressed a little bit easier.

So, my hubby thankfully took me into the closet and gave my bottom a few paddles to calm myself and relax. Whew. Needed that.

 I recently heard about Role Affirmations, and am thinking that could be a good thing. Gonna talk to the hubby about that. Now I better get something done around here, it's almost 1 and I haven't done a darned thing today. Except writing this.


  1. Welcome to blog land! You chatted with me today, that's something ;)

    RA was a good idea for us. I'm hoping the results stick. It has helped me to get in the right mindset and to realize he is definitely in charge.

  2. Thanks, Tricia! So blessed you wrote the first comment. I feel honored. I should also get off my butt and do some work today. My cat is just so cuddly. Blame it on the cat!:) I did add the follow button, let me know if I did it correctly.:)

  3. Welcome to blogland Mixie :)