Friday, February 22, 2013

Postman! Give Me My Paddle! HOLY COW!

I was pretty anxious to get the new paddle safe to my house. Intercepting it before my kiddo realizes there is a package, and making sure it does not go to the wrong place(this area is infamous for lost mail!) I can only imagine my paddle ending up in a baseball game with the local troublemakers! (I love most of 'em!) I would so pretend like I didn't know a thing.

So on Wed it said on the tracking site"Delivery Notice Left." Did not see any notice. Checked the mailbox and surrounding area.

4pm- Found postal worker. Sweet and nervously asked about package. She gives me another delivery slip and says I can pick it up at post office or have it delivered tomorrow. That would not work, the kiddo is at home and will try to open the box. Hmm.

Moments later-read new delivery note and noticed she wrote it would not be available for pick up until after 8:30 that day. Oh no! Postal worker will read that and not even check for it.

I decide to cram the delivery note in my pocket and just show my I.D.

4:30 p.m. Standing in pick up line, nervously hand I.D. over and explain situation. Get the stink eye. I choose to be sweet and stealth.

The triangle package tube comes to me! I hold it, concealing the importance.

Seconds later- a man comes up behind me and touches the box. In his thick accent he would like that box."You can get it at the front desk," I stammer,"or you can wait and I will bring the empty box to you." Please don't let me unwrap it in front of everyone, good Sir.

He runs to the front desk for new versions of the same box. I leap to the car. What the heck, I open it with my car keys on my lap and tear off the tape. Trying to look around to make sure this is a somewhat private moment.

Holy Cow, this thing is big. Hubby is going to freak. I slap my knee with it, which was pretty silly because it was still in bubble wrap. I eye a tall SUV who has a good view of my little compact, so I decide to slip the paddle in my messenger bag.


Later that night, I show HOH. 

His first words:" Holy cow! Does this thing come with instruction videos?"

He tries to slap his knee and winces.

At least we have something to defend ourselves with in case of an intruder. Wow-za. You gals were not kidding about it being "motivating." I haven't even tried it, and I am motivated. I think even HOH is motivated. LOL. Stay tuned. The paddle is currently sandwiched behind a stack of boxes full of files. You have to work to get it. This is our mission to keep this thing under wraps. Something you can't explain away!

*paddle and photo from

Yes, we are satisfied with the purchase. It certainly has already brought much excitement and drama to an otherwise quiet week.:)



  1. Oh Mixie you are going to regret that purchase. But you are right, that paddle is a definite motivator. If I know the end result could be the use of that paddle I do think twice. So I guess it has accomplished its goal. As far as keeping your paddle hidden, we got a tool box from Walmart and a lock so all of out implements are locked in the box so if anyone sees it they don't know what is inside the box. Let us know how the first use of your new paddle goes.
    Take care!

    1. That's a great idea, Rebekah! When I went to hide it the first night, I am really glad I didn't just drop it behind the file boxes, because I realized my cat sleeps there! I can't imagine that hunky thing hitting my poor kitty!

  2. I hope your bottom isn't sorry you got this new purchase. ;) We are currently looking into getting a paddle or not. You'll have to share on how well you fare. :) Did NOT mean for the to rhyme. :)

    1. I did try it. I needed it really badly *PMS emotions*. It gets "burny" when he gets into the mode. It does deliver. I do think my HOH has been cautious with it and has started off mild. Oh boy, I felt it but it was not a full on "discipline" spanking. Let's wait for me to really be in trouble-ha, kidding. *I hope*