Wednesday, February 13, 2013

By Wednesday, I need a Spanking.

Hello, Wednesday. I was born on a Wednesday. However, I have always felt like Wednesday was a tough day. Maybe that's why it is termed "Hump Day."

My HOH did gave me my usually Sunday spanking with good results. However, the small paddle left my bum kind of...rough? He just notices the skin on my bottom is a little rough from the spankings. Does anyone else get paddle bottom? He decided he won't spank me until my skin smooths out.

*Looks at clock, looks at skin.* Waits.

So here it is Wednesday and I feel the need to be re-set. My jaw is tensing up, my mind is slightly cluttered, I'm in that "Meh," attitude. Glass of wine or a sound spanking? I need something.

There are 3 offenses he could spank me for, no 4 offenses he could discipline me for RIGHT NOW.
1. The car is not clean. I have left drinks in there and the kiddo left crumbs. That is spankable.

2. I sneaked a DIET COKE yesterday at Subway. *Did not tell him yet, but he does read this blog.*

3. No Candy/cookies in purse. (M and M's spilled at the bottom of it. A huge bag, too.

4. I forgot to return a movie my daughter wanted to rent. Meh movie, that is why I forgot.

Add to that:
Yesterday I went over my budget (for Valentine's Day!) and vowed to return the extra impulse whoops.
I have been spending time playing on my phone when he is home.

In fairness, I have done many good things this week. This list makes me look like a gigantic troublemaker. However, I feel the need to be re-set. *I want my spanking *SOBS*

Anyone else feel the need to be re-set sometimes? For me, it's usually Wednesday, and Sunday. Yet I would say much more during the week *when life feels crazy.* Sunday helps me prepare for the week in general.:)

HOH, please help me with my stressed out midweek attitude.

For the record, I am pretty sure he will not do it on Valentine's Day.*Crosses fingers he can sense I'm a tiny bit in need of some help.

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