Monday, March 4, 2013

My Health Scare

So long story short, here is the update on all:
-I did get paddled for my shopping spree, plus lines.*More on this later.*

Saturday night I had a ovary cyst burst, one of the most painful and scary events of my life. It was like " I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" lol. We were about to call an ambulance when I fainted. As I began to black out I had a quick second to think" Am I dying? Will I open my eyes again?"

I blacked out and hit my head on the tub. Hubby stood over me, patting me like crazy. I came too about 30 seconds later, but it felt like hours of sleep for me. He said my breathing almost sounded like snoring. We were in shock afterward. I just had a (young) friend pass away of a stroke, and my Mom died of a heart attack last year.

One thing I did think after the fact: At least I am confident my Hubby would have known how much I loved him if something unthinkable were to happen. Out of everything else we are working out, at least our marriage has become such a passionate journey together. Thank God for that.

So, not to be a drama queen but I have never blacked out before so it was pretty traumatic. I came to and all my pain went away. All I wanted to do was hold my Hubs, I know I should have gone to the hospital. The mind can make random choices on a chilly night.

Just came back from a new gyno today. She was so nice and did an ultrasound on my "stuff". The ultrasound put me in the mushy mood to have another baby. *Which is pretty much my mood lately.* While she believes I did have a cyst erupt, everything seems normal in the Zone.

I left thanking God, so very thankful. Out of this crazy experience came the blessing of finding a good doctor I feel comfortable with. She was pretty supportive all the way around.:)

How many other DD couples have looked at their wife's bottom while discussing if to go see a doctor?:) "Yes, doc, my wife is a little odd."

:) Now my Hubby is exhausted. He was pretty afraid to spank me or do anything to me after seeing me get sick. Can't blame him. I am sure it was harder for him to witness it.

Signing off and going to cuddle.:)



  1. That does sound very frightening Mixie, I am sure glad everything turned out okay.

  2. Your H is very cute..... I have to say I do know what the passing out feels like. It happens to me all the time. You feel so much better when you are finally back in the 'real world' again.

    H no longer gets scared when it happens to me as we know what causes it. Hopefully you get to the bottom of the problem quickly if it happens again :)

    As for seeing a dr with marks...... Haven't had that issue yet. I'm not sure what we'd do. If its random bruises I can just blame my snowboard ;)


  3. Oh wow...and yes, you should have gone to the hospital, just to make sure.

    Glad you are okay. These husbands do worry about us a lot. Let him take care of you for a few'll be nice.

  4. I am so glad that you are okay now! It's so great to hear how much your hubby loves you. :)