Sunday, March 24, 2013

Answer Time! *with a Bonus*

Here are the 2 questions I got for March Q and A time! Thanks for Tricia and George K for submitting!

Tricia's question:

If you and your HOH could be any animal, what would you be and why?

My first answer would be: fluffy Persian housecats that have a blessed life. We have 3 cats who live pretty good, and they seem to have a nice time. *One of my cats looks like a Persian Grumpy Cat!* To cuddle and snooze all day would be fine with me.

My HOH chose a Donkey for giggle reasons. We saw a donkey hiding behind a tree trunk at the zoo, and it looked like he had a long rope chained on him. Umm, it was not a rope. We were going he looked embarrassed (or maybe creepy) aroused behind the tree. It also explained to us: hung like a donkey. I quipped it looked like my HOH when I am ignoring him. *hahaha*

The Second Question is from George K:
Hi Mixie.

I have two questions. First, if Hollywood were to make a movie of your life, who would you pick to play you? Second, do you play a musical instrument or did you in school?

Answer: If Hollywood made a movie of my life, I am guessing the role of me would go to either Jenna Fisher (Pam of The Office) or Ellen Page from Juno.
 I was voted to look like I would play the role of a "helper, nurse, caregiver, or Mom" in acting school.  I'm short, kinda clumsy, quirky and sweet(except on my bad days!) I also have a habit of being too passive and having a dry wit sense of humor. The role of me would have to go to someone who can communicate my essence: a girl who tries hard, is hard on herself, sometimes anxious, and gets herself into pickles and can have high ideals. Someone who can fire off one liners. Ellen Page would work great for the tough to pin down age in me (my daughter's friends started a rumor I am her sister!) Course, I see a couple lines around my eyes, so maybe my character is aging!:)

Votes for my husband's character: Steve Carrell or John Gransinki "Jim" from the Office.  Steve reminds me a lot of my HOH...maybe just the clean cut aspect of him.

I played the flute in school. I wanted to play bagpipes but my family told me No (and it was not an option.) My Mom wanted me to play the flute, but I was too terrified to play I was last chair because of my stage fright during testing. I was also in choir and went to college for Theatre.

Bonus Answer:

My question: Where did I meet my HOH?

Answer: We worked in a grocery store when I was 19 and he was 18. I noticed him the first day I worked there. He seemed so nice to everyone. I thought surely he must have all the girls swooning. I went home the first day and kinda cried he would never notice me. Flash forward a year of getting up the courage to speak to him, cultivating a friendship, and admitting to my crush by kissing him-and we finally became a pair. It was a love at first sight experience for me. I spent much of that year wishing on stars and praying to God he would notice me (I figured he deserved someone much more together than me!)


  1. Very cute post. :) Love Ellen Page, she's wonderful. So cute and quirky. Sometimes men don't want the women who are altogether. ;) Mine sure doesn't. lol God love him.

    1. Hey Es May! I am just getting caught up on reading blogs and viewed your last couple posts today...we sound like we are in the same boat with stressful feelings! Ahh, we will work it out together.

      On the next Larry King...High Strung Women and the Men Who Love Them

      I get this vision in my head of the last Steve Irwin with a wild wife on set, sticking a paddle towards her,"It's like wrestling with a Tiger, Larry! You've got to be careful as the hormonal bride is difficult to diffuse!"


  2. Hi Mixie, great answers thanks. Bag Pipes huh! Maybe at Christmas next year Santa will surprise you. Es May is right about men not wanting women who are altogether. After all we like to be Don Quxiote's and if our Dulcenea has it all together, there are no windmills to slay for her and that is no fun!

    Have a blessed day my fine arts friend!


    1. Thank you, Mr. George! That is mighty encouraging. I have always felt like the Lucy in my relationship. Me: well intentioned but over my head schemes HOH: Mr Reasonable, Steady.

      When I first began dating my now husband, I wrote in my diary "I want to make his life interesting."

      Mission Accomplished! Grace and Blessings!

  3. Very cute! Sweet how you two met :)

  4. Thank you, Tricia! :) I know many married couples from the old company I worked for...and you know the company!