Friday, March 8, 2013

Lines (Writing)

I have joined the Lines club (assuming there is some club for this) with our domestic discipline marriage. I suggested them to Hub's after my last shopping spree. I use the term shopping spree in context, my idea of a shopping spree is Target, not anything upper crust. However, it did create enough tightness in our first of the month paycheck to feel the squeeze. Lines are repetitive, crampy, and make a girl feel foolish. It did help me to think about the cause and effect of what I did. I cherish those lines, because it was quite a bit of time devoted to my setback. There is nothing to show for that time but the lines. I got disciplined after the shopping spree, but asked HOH to discipline me AGAIN once we did the budget and I could feel the guilt for what I had done creep back. Normally after a discipline all is forgiven and one is not punished again for the same offense, but the guilt bit me in the bottom.

All in all:
Shopping spree $184
Full discipline paddling, etc
Corner time twice
200 lines

My guilt discipline paddling set
1 more corner time
20 more lines to remind me not to spend on a free day.

The budget is created to handle our money and get closer to our goals, to live in peace with our money and without added stress. It only works if I hold to the budget. Anywho, I know I am behind in responding to comments...thank you for the love while I was sick!:) I will get to it this weekend.:)


  1. Sounds like you might remember it next time you are at Target. Brings to mind an ecard I have been seeing on Facebook about shopping at Target. Have you seen it?
    This one.

  2. It's so hard not to go on a shopping spree :) When I get near shops that I like, I can't help myself. Luckily we live too far away from decent shops for this to happen to often and I order most things online. H checks all my online orders before paying for them, so I can't overspend on them (he does the final checkout).

    As for lines, they are totally boring. I'm sorry you got to join the line writing club, but it's beter than a spanking!


  3. Hi Mixie,

    My name is George and I just stopped by to say hi. I love the name of your blog! I am new to the community and so far have not created a blog of my own, but perhaps I will in the near future. I wish ya'll a blessed day.

  4. Hello! I was just lurking by blogs today and found yours.
    I know all too well about shopping sprees!
    I recently had my cards taken away and we are woking on closing a few credit lines we have because at times, I just can't help what I buy when I'm out.

    I couldn't imagine writing lines! I've never had that for punishment yet but I guess it'd be better then a spanking... well maybe... I hate hand writing!

    Take care


  5. I am so glad that you were able to find a way to deal with the guilt, and work on it together. :) And it's always good when you have a lesson learned. :)