Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our Family is Hiring: Baby #2 Position

Two weeks ago, HOH took me out to a little date night dinner to discuss plans for the rest of the year. He announced what I thought he would, he's ready to leave the door open for Baby #2. We agreed to leave up to God and nature, for now. Of course, I am finding it difficult not to micromanage the process with my own little thoughts. Suddenly, having that possibility makes every twinge of my body on alert. Calm down, Mixie!

I will not test until I am late, whenever that happens. I will relax and just enjoy this time before the next chapter really begins.

It's so different having a "planned" pregnancy, I mean, my lil one now was a SURPRISE. Not like"haha surprise" but like "Holy Cow, this just got real-SURPRISE!"

My best friend and I were discussing the change between her first baby and her second. The first one, she was kind of in denial and just hung in there, producing a meaty, strong lil guy. The second was planned, worried about, and she did everything in her power to have a healthy pregnancy, and it was filled with medical emergencies before and after for several months. I find myself already worrying about the next kiddo. My first was so strong, I have joked she would have stopped at nothing to be here.

Time for a zen attitude!:)


  1. :) good luck..... Remember to have fun in the baby making process ;)


  2. Thank you, Callie!:)

    I will remember to keep it fun...after all, after another kiddo we will have not as much opportunity for the fun part.:)

  3. Good vibes your way! It's tough waiting to test but the dollar store has cheapy ones. If you test, start with those. Ha!


  4. My first one was planned, and my second one wasn't lol. Enjoy the process and good luck! :)

  5. Oh so jealous in some ways. I wish at times we could go back in time. Enjoy all of it. It goes by so quickly, especially when one becomes two!