Sunday, April 28, 2013

Powerfully Led.

The last few weeks I have been coming into a more liberated experience. Dropping the emotional baggage and releasing the "stuff." It swings from low self worth to total acceptance and breathing new life into my soul. An inner soul spring cleaning.

The other side of that new self empowerment is swinging the balance onto rebel territory. It's that feeling of being so empowered I rely so much on myself and as a result, have been a tad rebellious towards my dear husband.

As I am finding my new balance, he reminds me to trust in him and not get into the habit of trying to do everything myself. Last night I got a discipline session to remember the balance of trusting each other. We decided he would lead the family, and again, I try to take the wheel. That I not try to control everything. *What can be controlled anyway?*

 Finding balance as we evolve. Remembering that this is a Unity thing and not a solo act.

 I have to give thanks for the other awesome domestic discipline and TTWD blogs I read. They help inspire me even in my most rebellious moments. I remember the reason we began is to be on the same page in our marriage, with no division.

Thank you bloggy friends!


  1. What shines through in this post for me is that your mind and heart continue to try. More than half of the 'battle' will be 'won' that way!

    Good for you!

  2. We call it interdependence here--a healthy depending on each other where the give and take balances itself out based on who needs what on any given day.

    I absolutely understand the push and pull with the control stuff. It's a never ending learning process for me but you are in good company here in blogland. There are lots and lots of us who struggle with this.

  3. For me, old habits are SO difficult to break. Over the weekend I had a couple moments where I tried to take over and stopped myself. In life before DD I wouldn't have even thought I was doing anything destructive, and it's for that reason alone, that I'm so happy we do it. I feel more in control when I'm not in control. Does that make sense? Good post!


  4. Spring cleanings in the mind can be so great. :) But you are right, they can make you feel empowered, ready to conquor the world! Hope your bottom isn't too sore today. {{{HUGS}}}

  5. Cleaning is always a good thing am going through a bit of soul cleaning myself. Hugs

    1. Thanks, Tiffany. Cleaning and Soul Cleaning seems to go hand in hand!