Sunday, November 17, 2013

Silent Spanking Cream Review

So the other day my hubby was wayyy sick. (No details needed.) When I went to the store to get him the RX and treated? myself to some Silent Spanking Cream, aka Capsaicin Cream. I had read how much it burned, and after a quick fingertip sample of it decided it worked fine. Really mild feeling.

(Applies a generous amount to my own bum.)

My bottom is on fire. Like the worst paddling times ten? Happy it worked so effective, embarrassed this was my excitement for the day, and curious.

Due to my short attention span, I managed to scratch my nose, eye, and ahem private area while not knowing I still had cream on. That...was not cool.

That night I admitted my adventure to my hubby, who was curious and alarmed at my activities of the day. He was concerned with the burning lotion spreading around on sheets, etc.

That being said, I am sure he will find some use for it, someday. After all, isn't that way holiday drama is all about?:)


  1. YOU BOUGHT IT YOURSELF???? Oh honey, claim Preggo Brain and throw it out!

  2. I'm with Willie! You bought it yourself? And TESTED it on yourself? Oh, your poor eye! So trying not to shake my head here. LOL You poor girl, he'll be finding a use for that now. lol

  3. Ouch!! Please be careful if you use it again. That sounds a bit dangerous. :(

    At least it got you some excitement. :D

  4. Lol! I have been curious as I'm scared.

  5. Effects of this cream tend to vary greatly according to skin type and it should be carefully patch tested before full use.

    In a couple of cases of which I know personally, possibly because of allergy to the peppers in the ingredients, it has resulted in large blisters akin to what you get from extreme sunburn and these in turn have burst and left large raw sores.

    In the middle of the spectrum, there are those who say it replicates the feeling of a spanking but lasts longer.

    At the other end of the spectrum there are those on whom it causes no pain at all and just gives a pleasantly warm sensation.

    You should also know that it cannot be removed with soap and water, which will instead regenerate the effects and needs to be removed with baby or olive oil.

    Pharmaceutical websites recommend that you don't use it when pregnant because anything that is absorbed by the skin has the potential to harm a baby and, while risk is estimated to be very low, it hasn't been tested for safety.