Sunday, July 7, 2013

Like I predicted?

You know when you just have a feeling something is off with a situation? I guess that sums up my Mom in Laws visit. There was me needing to behave, not getting my nerves up. When MIL is happy, all is great. However, she can pack an intimidating punch when things go South.

Despite our best efforts, things did go south. Apparently, she is having major boyfriend drama and it is pulling her into a tizzy. She shut down completely while here, not speaking and not participating. Of course, as the daughter in law it made me feel like she hated me. I had to remind myself this was just her way of processing things.

She just went home. I have a monster headache from picking up on all the tension one could slice with a knife. Holding all that stress created exhaustion in me. I snapped at HOH a few times. I mean, having someone stay with you who will not even utter a word makes me cringe.

Now to take care of this aftermath headache and make it up to HOH. At least it's over.


  1. I'm sorry things didn't go so well for you Mixie. You're right though, at least its over.

  2. In laws can be rough, I totally emphasize.

  3. Yeah, in laws, family in general, can give me a huge headache too. Big breath, it can only get better again, right?

  4. Right there with you Mixie. My in-laws just left and although it was not a bad visit, it is always stressful having them around. My Dad used to say that he was always happy to see company arriving and just as happy to see them leave!


    1. Right? We love our family but WOW- living with someone for a few days gets quirky quick. My MIL was in a bad mood due to boyfriend problems, and she is the type to shut down and not share. I would say my husband's family is very standoffish and perfectionists, leaving a people pleaser like me on edge.